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One question I get asked often is what bike should I buy? My answer is usually I don’t know, It depends.   Now I know people ate this answer and it feels very wishy washy ( and maybe it is) but let me tell you why I say it. I have no idea what you [...]

At a recent bike ride I hosted, one of the attendees came over and asked, ‘What is an LCI?” It made me realize that we can use a lot of acronyms around people who have no idea what we are talking about. So this week, let’s look at a few of the most common acronyms you [...]

Now I know the guys may say, ’this is not the blog post for me’. But hang on, keep reading and you may discover a great gift for your significant other, sister or mom. OK so if you are a city rider you may find that putting on a full spandex kit is just not [...]

Have you eve been chatting with another cyclist and hear them talk about how someone was salmoning up the street? Or maybe a disgruntled bicycling commuter who hates when people are shoaling? Or how about your friend who advises you to take the contraflow lane on G Street to get over to 10th and H [...]

This past week I had the pleasure of going to NYC with my fiancé Jeff. He was speaking at a conference and invited me along. I took the train to NYC which was awesome. I just love the train. No 2 hour arrivals, no TSA, no forced removal of clothing. It’s just fabulous! I arrived [...]