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Commuter Bike Lane Glossary

About the author: I’m Renee Moore, founder of Bicycling and the City (AKA the girl on the blue bike)! With a flair for fashion you can often find me, dress billowing in the wind, leading bike expeditions to the city’s most awesome destinations.

Have you eve been chatting with another cyclist and hear them talk about how someone was salmoning up the street? Or maybe a disgruntled bicycling commuter who hates when people are shoaling? Or how about your friend who advises you to take the contraflow lane on G Street to get over to 10th and H Street NE? Any of this sound a little like Sanskrit to you?

Well this blog post is for you! Below is a breakdown of some common terms you’ve probably heard out in the bicycling world.

Let’s start with the easiest.

Photo Credit: bikearlington.com

Photo Credit: bikearlington.com

Bike lane-  A bike lane is a striped area on the roadway usually with a bike painted on it showing that is a lane designated for bicycles.  It is illegal for drivers to park in bike lanes (though that doesn’t stop some). If a bike lane is next to parked cars, be careful to stay out of the door zone (see below).




Photo credit: beterbybicycle.com

Photo credit: beterbybicycle.com

Door zone– The door zone is the area where you are riding and a driver can swing open a door and possibly hurt you. To be safe, ride as close to the outside white line as possible to avoid being hit by a vehicle’s door.





Photo credit: brentadams.com

Photo credit: brentadams.com

Sharrow– A sharrow is a shared lane marking which indicates where a bicycle may be in the road and also alerts drivers that bicyclists will be sharing the road with them.





Photo credit: peopleforbikes.org

Photo credit: peopleforbikes.org

Protected bike lane or cycletrack- A protected bike lane is sort of like a sidewalk for bikes. The lanes are separated from the car traffic via a barrier, usually either a curb or plastic posts. The protected bike lane in the photo at left is a bi-directional lane— it’s designed so that bikes can go in both directions in the protected space. Protected bike lanes can also be one way.



Photo Credit: envisionbaltimore.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: envisionbaltimore.blogspot.com

Contraflow lane– A contraflow lane is a bike lane that goes against the flow of the surrounding traffic. Great examples are G and I Streets in Northeast DC, which offer a lower stress alternative to riding on the busy H Street NE.





Photo credit: urbansimplicity.net

Photo credit: urbansimplicity.net

Salmoning– Salmoning is riding your bike against the direction of traffic, either in a bike lane or a general travel lane. We don’t recommend it.






Photo Credit: www.citylab.com and Paul Krueger/Flickr

Photo Credit: www.citylab.com and Paul Krueger/Flickr

Shoaling- Shoaling is riding up to the front of the line when other bikes are waiting at a light. It’s considered bad bike etiquette. If you do need to pass another bicyclist, wait until you are moving.

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