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I’m “wheel-y” glad you’re here. Cheesy I know. But don’t leave yet. I would love to meet you on one of my rides, have you on my podcast, feature you in my newsletter The SPOKE ’N Woman, have me speak at an event on bike equity or just say hello!

The best way to reach me is at renee {at} bicyclingandthecity.com.
If you would like to join me on a ride, you can check them out here.

Have questions about a particular event? Email support {at} bicyclingandthecity.com

Want to know more about volunteer opportunities with Bicycling and the City? Check here: ( link for volunteer rides)

Check out my blog posts here

Hear from me weekly in the SPOKE ’N Woman Newsletter. Sign up here:

Want to meet, drool over bikes and bike stuff then have a burrito at Chipotle? Me too! Contact me at renee {at} bicyclingandthecity.com